Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I think I am almost out of the blogger/writer slumps.

I'm back! And I'm even not afraid of wearing my pj's in my debut appearance!

Hey you!
It's been a while since I wrote anything.  I LOVE writing. But you see, I have let my life, (full time job, kiddos, hubby, bills, SLEEP) get in the way of truly doing what I LOVE to do. Entertain and write. So I'm back. You might remember me from One Cluttered Brain, I have 400 and some followers over there.

But I have a problem. I'm getting tired of the header and the layout over there and I want something fresher. I like the layout of this blog better. So if you are not a follower of mine over here you should be. And of course I will update my other blog to redirect you all here. Cuz that's how I am. Nice and all. :)

Thanksgiving is about to hit us. We will eat turkey, stuffing, rolls, cranberries, pies and visit with family we have not seen in a while. It will be a blast! Some of us will head out to work the next evening...(ME!) And some of us will go Black Friday shopping for Christmas. Whatever we choose to do this Thanksgiving, let's be careful on the roads. Don't drive when you are too tired, and don't drink and drive. This is NEVER a good idea.

This Thanksgiving I am grateful for a TON of things. Here's my handy dandy bullet list. Cuz I LOVE bullet lists....:) I'm thankful for---->

  • warm house
  • a job for me and hubby
  • my family
  • cookie baking
  • spending time with my daughters baking and such
  • laughter
  • prayer
  • my health
  • my children's health
  • good shows to watch on TV...(Grim and Once upon a Time just to name a few.....)
  • my video camera
  • chocolate
  • books
  • blogging (and getting back into blogging, I've missed it so much.)
That's my thankful list. What are you thankful for this season?
Drop me a comment. I'd LOVE to hear from you! :))


  1. Okay. I'm obviously way out of the bloggy loop. When the heck did you start a new blog!?

  2. I'm thankful for my heater, deodorant, and contact lenses. I had kind of a blog slump over the summer, but I'm back into it now too. Yay for blogging!

  3. testing testing this is only a Is my NEW gmail account working yet? I hope so....

  4. I'm so glad I found you on the facebook bloggers group! And in answer to what I'm thankful about, I just wrote up a post concerning this.... I hope you'll check it out! Dawnee @
    I am ALSO thankful for BLOGGERS! What a great community we belong to!

  5. EEEK would you sit still woman.. you are making me dizzy and I thought I was doing a lot with 3 blogs and author on GEne's blog as well..


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