Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Yeah yeah, I'm sexy and I know it....

A co-worker of mine showed me this video...(it's rather an adult video so get yer kids out of the room) Or let them watch your choice...*giggling* I love the beat...I know it's kinda funky to watch the guys rip their wild pants off to be dancing around in their speedos...BUT I like this video....
  You shouldn't be ashamed of who you are. We are all beautiful and have a little sexy inside of us. Walk tall, shake your stuff, cuz we are all sexy. (That is of course I don't have any fat bald readers out there...) And if I do...:) I'm sure you are sexy your your own way. :)
  Sit back and listen...Cuz I know..I'm sexy and I know it.... How bout you?

I always have my mouth open for some reason. Go figure. I'm still sexy..haha!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I think I am almost out of the blogger/writer slumps.

I'm back! And I'm even not afraid of wearing my pj's in my debut appearance!

Hey you!
It's been a while since I wrote anything.  I LOVE writing. But you see, I have let my life, (full time job, kiddos, hubby, bills, SLEEP) get in the way of truly doing what I LOVE to do. Entertain and write. So I'm back. You might remember me from One Cluttered Brain, I have 400 and some followers over there.

But I have a problem. I'm getting tired of the header and the layout over there and I want something fresher. I like the layout of this blog better. So if you are not a follower of mine over here you should be. And of course I will update my other blog to redirect you all here. Cuz that's how I am. Nice and all. :)

Thanksgiving is about to hit us. We will eat turkey, stuffing, rolls, cranberries, pies and visit with family we have not seen in a while. It will be a blast! Some of us will head out to work the next evening...(ME!) And some of us will go Black Friday shopping for Christmas. Whatever we choose to do this Thanksgiving, let's be careful on the roads. Don't drive when you are too tired, and don't drink and drive. This is NEVER a good idea.

This Thanksgiving I am grateful for a TON of things. Here's my handy dandy bullet list. Cuz I LOVE bullet lists....:) I'm thankful for---->

  • warm house
  • a job for me and hubby
  • my family
  • cookie baking
  • spending time with my daughters baking and such
  • laughter
  • prayer
  • my health
  • my children's health
  • good shows to watch on TV...(Grim and Once upon a Time just to name a few.....)
  • my video camera
  • chocolate
  • books
  • blogging (and getting back into blogging, I've missed it so much.)
That's my thankful list. What are you thankful for this season?
Drop me a comment. I'd LOVE to hear from you! :))

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Frustrations, anger and Happiness

Yeah i realize not all these emotions go together. I was about to write this really complainy post (Yeah complainy IS a word...) about a certain person in my life that promises to be pick me up at a certain time so I can run my errands and she is late.

Like ALL the time.

Then about 5 minutes ago she ruins my post. She calls me and tells me she laid down for a nap and she is on her way right now.

But I wanted to complain.

Do you ever feel like that? I mean things are going good for me I guess, I have a job, they give me shifts when they have them open for me...probably the crappy shifts nobody wants but still...

I have a job.
My husband has a job.
But this isn't my dream.
I want BIGGER. I want to educate myself further. I want to be a nurse.
I want a car to run my own dang errands.
I want...I want...I want....

Do you ever feel like this?

I'm off to get some fingerprinting done AGAIN for my job.
I'm really wanting some more shifts.
But on the other hand..Nah. I just wanna get paid for the work I don't

I'll see you around when I'm a little less complainy.
Sorry for being such a nuisance.
That's WHY I'm writing on this blog. lol.
Does anyone read me over here anymore?

It's NOT like I NEVER write over here or somethin.
I do sometimes....
Keep checking back.
i might surprise you.

p.s. just found out there is a mandatory cna meeting TODAY at 130PM. And the assistant director of nursing is stressed about CNA hours. oh boy! who is she gonna let go now?