Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tired of the same DUMB old picture?

Hee-Hee. I haven't updated this blog in so long I almost forgot about it. But not really. I have a blogroll over here with different peeps I like to keep tabs on. And my Cluttered Brain blogroll is about as long as a roll of TP, I need to store some peeps over here as well.
What's up with you all?
What have you been doing?
I've gone back to my writing roots and been writing like a crazy woman. Something of mine will be published EVEN it kills me.
It is midnight here and I am SO NOT ready to go to bed.
Why me?
In case you forgot, or miss me, YOU can ALWAYS find me AT One Cluttered Brain
And Twitter= @clutteredbrain
Now if you excuse me, my 3 year old daughter is still up. And yes it is MIDNIGHT here....
Grrr....Here is MY latest hairstyle with a friend you all might know...
Good night, everyone! :)
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