Wednesday, September 29, 2010

21 Questions, I took the challenge with DaisyGirl! ;)

Adult Content: Please have your children leave the room. Or at least don't read over your shoulder. This post is about sex. Yup, That's right, this crazy cluttered mama has sex. Deal with it OK? ;)
All safe now? Here are the questions:
1. Would you ever have a threesome or have you? 
2. Lights on, candle light, or off?
3. Does size matter?
4. Craziest place you ever got down to business
5. How quick was your quickest quickie?
6. Food that makes you think sex?
7. Do you like your man to be manscaped? If you are a man do you manscape?
8. Ladies do you keep your garden tended? 
9. How do you feel about making home movies?
10. Ever been caught by the kids?
11. Do you like sweaty sex?
12. When did you lose your virginity?
13. How do you feel about sex while pregnant?
14. Song that put you in the mood
15. Number of orgasms you have had in one night?
16. Have you had sex in a car?
17. Do you have toys? 
18. How do you feel about guy toys?
19. Would you ever pierce your yoohoo?
20. Explain your kissing style.
and lastly...
21. What is your body part? Some girls love arms or ass, guys butts or boobs? 
My answers: 1. Never had one. Hadn't thought about it. I might if it was 2 guys into me....*sigh*
2- Lights Off. i like to explore.
3-  Size doesn't really matter. It's all about the foreplay, the flirting, the touching...once all that has gone down, you already know you WANT the man...It's easy. Ya know?
4- Craziest place i ever got down to business? Midnight, outside in the front yard. No sex, but we got down to business alright. Enough said.
5- Why must it be quick? Probably between 15-20 minutes.
6- Food that I think sex? Ice cream. That and pudding. ;) Mmm. Creamy deliciousness.
7- Don't really care. I like hair. So there. That's all i'm sayin.
8- Yes, the garden is tended.
9-  Why? Who wants to watch them? LOL. Not really thought about it.
10- Yup. the 3 year old. *sigh*
11- I actually DON'T like sweating a lot during sex. I'd rather have sex in the shower to avoid that problem.
12- Yup, I'm old fashioned. I waited until i was married before I had sex. Yup, I'm a good girl. 21. Sorry. I'm still cool, right? ;)
13- Pregnant sex? It's alright, but that dang belly gets in the way.
14- Anything by TLC or Madonna. Ever heard of "Red Hot Special?"
15- 3 orgasms.
16- Sex in a car? Nope. i prefer the bedroom.
17- Not yet, but I'm getting some soon.
18- Guy toys? All for them. Can I control the toy?
19- Pierce my Va-jay-jay? No way! Only my ears please!
20- Kissing style? Nibbling ears neck lips....Enough said bout that.
21- I like the "whole package" if you get my drift. And yes, I look. How can you not? 

That's it.  Now you know the truth. ;) Go link up with the Daisygirl. She is one hot mama! Check out her gorgeous hair! ;) (She just went blonde.)